To be a leader in provision of Scientific on hand training by Working on the Capacity building, and partnership with all health care providers in the process of developing and disseminating a healthy culture, characterized by learning, Innovation and using curative methods proved by evidence and research to ensure patient safety taking in consideration the human fallibility in the complex Healthcare system that necessitates the need for continuous personal development to improve Skills, Competencies and to raise patient safety awareness to provide a distinct medical services  FREE from any errors or medical Harm to meet patient’s needs.


The power of learning lies in opening up to our world and what is new in it so that we can see each other more clearly to transcend our current reality and try to reduce the gap from what is required to improve the safety and quality of health care for our societies.

core values

1. Patient Safety Capacity Building
2. Raising awareness for Patient safety
3. Customer Orientation
4. Responsibility
5. Passion
6. Transparency
7. Integrity
8. No Nonsense Culture
9. Innovation

Instructor/ CPPS tricks Founder
Abou ElFettoh Mohammed Shahin
BS.PH,, CBPPS, PMI-PMP, PMI-RMP, CPHQ, HQMD, CKLM, Team STEPPS Master Trainer, BA Diploma, Healthcare quality and patient safety professional.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Science since 1996. He holds various healthcare related certifications, diploma and courses which includes:

      1. Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS)
      2. Certified Professional in Healthcare Management (CPHM)
      3. Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ)
      4. Risk Management Professional, PMI-RMP
      5. Project Management Professional, PMI-PMP
      6. Certified Kaizen Lean Manager (CKLM)
      7. Healthcare Quality Management Professional Diploma (HQMP)
      8. Team STEPPS Master Trainer
      9. Business Administration (MBA) Diploma
      10. OSHA Compliance Certified
      11. Patient Safety Officer -Training Program from SPSC.
      12. Sterile Compounding and Aseptic Technique  specialist-Training Course
      13. Patient Safety Hero Certified

He has working experience in healthcare setting since attaining his bachelor's degree in 1996. He worked in various healthcare related positions. He is a Healthcare quality and patient safety professional.

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