CPPS™ Real Practice Exams Course

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Learning Objectives:

  • Assess your own level of preparedness for taking real CPPS exam and address additional areas needed for self–study based on three types of Questions:
  • Recall (17%): Assess The ability to recall or recognize specific information.
  • Application (53%): Assess The ability to apply knowledge to new or changing situations.
  • Analysis (30%): Assess The ability to analyze and synthesize information, determine solutions and/or evaluate the usefulness of a solution.

CPPS™ Real Practice Exams Review Course Deliverables:

This review course includes but not limited:

  • Practice on highly realistic CPPS® Exam sample questions organized in 3 full high-quality CPPS® Exams that were developed based on the current CPPS® exam specifications and the exam content outline that include:
    • Culture (18%)
    • Leadership (18%)
    • Patient Safety Risks & Solutions (22%)
    • Systems Thinking & Design/Human Factors (22%)
    • Measuring & Improving Performance (20%)
  • Each Exam consists of 110 questions to be answered within 2 hours as self-administration web-based Exams.
  • The participants have the ability to retake the exams many times within their Review Course subscription periods.
  • With 2 months Subscription periods.
  • If your score more than 85 % in these Practice Tests, you have a very good chance to Pass easily the Real CPPS® Exam.
  • SO Let’s have some fun learning together.
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