Past Events

CPPS-tricks - Maternity and Newborn Safety Conference, 2021


  • This Event was conducted as Expert-led Live webinars from 7th to 11th October that aimed to explore transforming maternity and Newborn care in Healthcare Facilities to Safe maternal and newborn care In celebration of World Patient Safety day, 2021 (WPSD_2021) that hosted by CPPS-tricks platform. under theme “WE care, Take Actions & Save Lives”
  • This FREE recorded online event is designed to be a one of a
    scientific knowledge-sharing activity and a real opportunity to learn and

      • Ob /Gyne Healthcare Providers 
      • Quality-curious healthcare professionals 
      • Healthcare administrations
      • Health Education, Public health and Health
        informatics professionals
      • Nursing, Midwifery Staff
      • Pharmacists, Laboratory services specialists
      • Risk management Professionals 
      • Patient Safety professionals.
  • In this previous Event, CPPS-tricks Platform hosted 10
    FREE Live webinars in cooperation with Healthcare leaders in the KSA and Middle
    East as valuable speakers
  • All Rights of these initiatives are reserved @2019-2021 CPPS-tricks

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