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CPPS™ Review - On Demand - Review Course

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  • Your journey to success starts here, Pass your CPPS® Exam in the First attempt with our Review Courses!
  • CPPS®credential is the only way to prove your proficiency.
  • This review course is an intensive review of the most important topics that are very important to be considered during your journey to be a CPPS® certified professional that are essential to pass the real CPPS® Exam.
  • This review course is designed according to the updated CPPS® Exam content outline issued 12/2019.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss Some patient safety scenario examples similar to actual CPPS®Exam questions (Real test-taking strategies).
  • Assess your own level of preparedness for taking the real CPPS®Exam and address additional areas needed for self-study based on three types of questions:
    • Recall (17%): Assess The ability to recall or recognize specific information
    • Application (53%): Assess The ability to apply knowledge to new or changing situations
    • Analysis (30%): Assess The ability to analyze and synthesize information, determine solutions and/or evaluate the usefulness of a solution

CPPS™ Review - On Demand - Review Course Deliverables:

  • This review course includes but not limited:
    • 2 recorded review lectures that will cover the important topics which are very important and essential koweledge to pass CPPS® real Exam.
    • More than 8 hours recorded Videos.
    • Practice on highly realistic CPPS®Exam sample questions organized in:
      • High realistic quizzes -Self-administration- Exams that help in assessing the participant preparedness to take and pass the real CPPS® Exam with full report at the end of each exam that provide key insights about the right answers with full explanation and rationale for each quiz.
      • The ability to retake the included 6 Exams many times within your subscription period by Self-administration. 
      • Access to 2 full high-quality CPPS® Exams that were developed based on the current CPPS®Exam specifications and the Updated CPPS® Exam content outline that includes:
        • Culture (18%)
        • Leadership (18%)
        • Patient Safety Risks & Solutions (22%)
        • Systems Thinking & Design/Human Factors (22%)
        • Measuring & Improving Performance (20%)

Core Outcome Skills: 

  • After completing the review course, the Participant will be able to have the required skills and knowledge that is essential to pass the real CPPS® Exam in the first attempt!

CPPS™ Review - On Demand - Review Course:

  • A Simulation-Web-Based training help the participant to acquire all the required and necessary skills and tactics that are essential for passing the real CPPS® Exam.
  • High realistic quizzes that help in assessing the participant preparedness to take and pass the real CPPS® Exam that are designed based on Modern PS science domains and the current CPPS® Exam specifications
  • Give the ability to retake the included exams many times within your subscription period.
  • With 4 months subscription period.
  • SO Let’s have some fun learning together.
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